Application of Partitioned Iterative Coupling Approach to Multi-physics

  • Tomohide Takeyama
  • Shinya Tachibana
  • Tomoki Kitanoi
  • Atsushi Iizuka
Keywords: Hydro-Mechanical coupling; Partitioned method; Multi-physics.


 The engineering needs which have to consider the multi-physics are increasing. When the multi-phase problem is treated by monolithic coupling approach, there are some difficulties such as the increase in the number of degree of freedom, the complication of the program code and so on. In order to overcome these shortcomings in considering the new additional phase, we applied the partitioned iterative coupling approach to the Hydro-Mechanical coupled problem in this research. In the partitioned iterative coupling approach, the behavior of single phases can be individually calculated and the interaction between the phases has been considered at an appropriate timing by the middleware. The middleware plays a role to regulate the single-phase analysis. In this research, we carried out the numerical simulation of one-dimensional consolidation by both the partitioned iterative coupling scheme and the monolithic coupling scheme, and then we confirmed that the numerical results are the same. Through the research, it figured out the efficient iterative scheme.