Resource-Constrained Construction Scheduling Using Agent Based Modeling Technique

  • Ahmed Senouci
  • Karim Abdel Warith
  • Neil Eldin
Keywords: Agent based model; Resource-Constrained scheduling; Scheduling models; Simulation.


 This paper presents the use of Agent Based Modeling (ABM) technique as a tool for optimum resource constrained scheduling.  The model added two features to the standard resource scheduling applications. It allowed activity interruptions when necessary and the impact of the quality of the predecessors on the successors’ duration. An illustrative example is offered to demonstrate the performance of the proposed model. ABM technique was confirmed to be a valid approach for seeking alternative solutions in resource constrained schedules. The model proved advantageous to resource-constrained schedules. It illustrated additional flexibility to the standard techniques for resource-constrained problems. The model was proven successful in minimizing the project duration under preset priority rules.